GET 20% OFF TODAY - Take That Blue Monday!!

GET 20% OFF TODAY - Take That Blue Monday!!

Apparently today is ‘Blue Monday’, the most depressing day of the year. Well, no-one told us!

We’re firm believers that if you take the time to look, there’s always something to smile about. No point spending life being a moody Maurice, is there?

Luckily for you, you won’t have to spend too long looking for something to make your smile – join Kerrang! Dating today and get 20% OFF ANY of our membership packages! That’s definitely something to get you grinning – who doesn’t enjoy a good discount?!

If we’re honest, we don’t like the sound of ‘Blue Monday’... unless it was the name of a cocktail, then we’re all over it. But, seeing as it’s probably not, we’re taking it upon ourselves to change ‘Blue Monday’ to ‘Brew Monday’ – much better.

Go make a brew, cheer up and make the most of our 20% OFF ANY Kerrang! Dating membership packages – join today!

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