"I’m going to be single forever"

"I’m going to be single forever"

And loads of other over-exaggerations you’ll hear from a down-on-their-luck singleton! 

For goodness sake, enjoy single life - it won’t last forever! We say: why not make the most of your single status while you can? You might be pleasantly surprised...

Brought to you by Kerrang! Radio Dating, here are our tips on accepting and embracing the single life - for the moment anyway!

If it’s been a while since your last relationship, it’s easy to start feeling like your single status is permanent. But before you give up and start passing those extra lbs and hairy legs off as winter isolation, STOP!


The link between failure and being single is an impractical idea, and one that all too often is associated with the single life. Society has programmed us to feel like we’re incomplete unless we’re in a relationship – this isn’t the case.

Being single is simply a stage of life, and it’s one that people don’t appreciate enough. You only have to chat about your love life with your coupled-up friends to realise just how much the single life fascinates them. 

Don’t get us wrong, being single can suck sometimes – especially if you don’t have plans, or you’re craving the simple things couples enjoy sharing together; breakfast in bed, walking hand in hand, cuddles on the sofa. But, it can also be an incredible experience. An experience no one can enjoy more, than you. HOLD ON TO IT!


Not convinced? 
When you’re single you answer to no one, and at no other point in your life will you be able to just jump on a plane, fly to the other side of the world, experience something new, get out of your comfort zone. No ties: no second thoughts.

Use this time wisely. Focus on you. Then, when you’re ready to start dating again, make the most of the experience. Meet lots of different people. Learn about yourself and work out which qualities are truly important.

Right now, being single might seem like a life sentence. But we promise, in the not-so-distant future, you’ll take a moment and remember your single life with a wry smile as you settle down on the sofa with a certain someone you never believed you would find. 

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