Paramore give fans an update on album number five

Paramore give fans an update on album number five

Hayley Williams has given Paramore fans an update on their fifth studio album.

It’s been almost four years since the release of Paramore’s eponymous fourth record and despite hitting the studio a year ago to commence work on the follow-up, they’re struggling to hit their stride.

Hayley told the band’s 1.6million followers: “about a year ago, we began writing & demoing songs for #5

“following up our self-titled album didn't seem like it was going to be an easy task and, unsurprisingly, it was not. the problem about comparing yourself to... yourself... is that even though it's better than looking elsewhere, you're still looking in the wrong direction.

“for me, it wasn't until i trusted that the past is finished with me that i could go looking for what's next. our pasts can be a great comforter, or a horror movie; a noose, or a shield... but it is "past" for a reason.

“after a rest, we have to go looking for what's supposed to come after that. – h”

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Currently a duo consisting of Hayley and guitarist Taylor York, last July Paramore confirmed that ex-drummer Zac Farro is playing drums on the new album, however he’s not an official member of the group.

Zac told Idobi at the time: “We’ve always been friends, and yeah, there was a little bit of weirdness cause I left the band for a few years, but all that stuff is not even there anymore and there’s no hard feelings and it’s just been rad and fun."

Without wishing to pile the pressure on Hayley and Taylor, at three years and nine months since the release of ‘Paramore’ it’s already the longest time fans have had to wait for a new album - there was a three-and-a-half year gap between ‘Brand New Eyes’ and ‘Paramore’.

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