Jake Thomson

Jake Thomson

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Born in St Albans, he was raised by a Canadian mother and a Scottish father which really confused him as a child, ‘why can’t my friends understand you Dad…what’s garbage and aluminum foil Mum’ so the result is some sort of nomadic being who spent nine years living in Birmingham and now resides in London. Quite frankly all of this movement hasn’t helped with the confusion about most things in his life.

His biggest claim to fame is that he took Media Studies A Level with Rob Rolfe from Enter Shikari, a fact that he shares with everyone he meets.

According to most people Jake is a moaner but likes to smile while he does it, which makes it ok.

He’s not a fan of sharing food and will frequently be spotted next to a buffet, watch your fingers if you go for the last chicken wing as you could well loose them if Jake wants it.

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