Kevin Hingley

Kevin Hingley

Weekend Breakfast on Kerrang! Radio, every Saturday and Sunday morning from 7am - 10am!


Alex Baker on Kevin Hingley:

"Ello treacle, Alex Baker here – Kevin was all like “eeerrrrr I don’t know what to write for my biography on the website – Aleexxxxxx, errrrrr…what should I write?” and I was like “Kevin…do you just want me to write your bio for you?” He said no, but I thought I’d just do it anyway, he’d only end up banging on about the works of Morrissey or how many terabytes of hard-drive space his new desktop has. Good grief.

So, what is there to say about Kevin Hingley…not a lot really…he’s a good guy I guess, pretty nondescript…he once expressed a vague interest in paragliding but it never amounted to anything, …actually thinking about it, I don’t even think that was him. He’s a mean guitarist though and really rather funny when you manage to cut through his viciously dull exterior. You can catch Kevin on my show with me on Sunday nights between 9pm and 10pm where he is the Robin to my Batman, the Tweedledum to my Tweedledee, the Courtney Love to my Kurt Cobain, but without the sexual history or long-standing abuse of narcotics.

In seriousness, Kevin’s a wonderful presenter with a deep knowledge of music and his weekend breakfast show is a relaxed listen, perfect for weekend mornings – he’s also really good at using Facebook and has about a 60% success rate at turning things off and turning them on again. Yep, all in all, you’re in for a treat…..sigh.

Kevin Hingley on Kerrang! 7am – 10am Saturday and Sunday mornings (booooo!)
AND on The Alex Baker Show, everything Sunday night from 9pm (OMG YAAAY!!!)"

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